The Differences Between EMS and NEMT


When patients need medical transportation in Worcester, Massachusetts, when going to medical facilities, there can be various options that they can choose from. However, medical transportation services have several categories and offer different levels of service that most people are not aware of.

Emergency medical services and NEMT services are the two main types of medical transportation. But how can one tell the difference between each type?

Here’s how you can differentiate EMS and NEMT.

  • Emergency medical services (EMS) are designed to respond to medical emergencies. Their assistance is required during incidents where people need immediate treatment. They are responsible for transporting the patients quickly to a hospital with the sirens blaring all over the road so that other automobiles will give way to the emergency vehicle. This kind of service is a coordinated response system that involves the support of private and public medical facilities, agencies, organizations, transportation networks, communication networks, and highly trained healthcare professionals.

  • Non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT), on the other hand, is usually used for all kinds of medical transportation that don’t require urgent treatment or transportation of a patient to a medical facility. However, this type of transportation is still necessary since patients who usually get this kind of service require treatment or special medical equipment to cater to their transport needs. NEMT is all about providing a safe and comfortable ride for all patients.

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