Common Signs You Need NEMT Services


Are you considering NEMT in Massachusetts but unsure if you qualify for it? Most patients don’t realize they need non-emergency transportation services until someone in the family needs them. That’s why they miss out on the benefits and valuable services of NEMT. Learn more below:

  • You have mobility issues.

    A medical ride is vital if you or your senior loved ones have limited mobility. If you or your loved one needs to go out for family functions and other social events, you can benefit from a NEMT ride. Just because you or your loved one has mobility issues doesn’t mean you should be confined at home.

  • You have acute medical issues.

    Did you or your loved one recently have surgery or need assistance to go home after visiting the hospital? NEMT services are a budget-friendly option to help you home safely and conveniently. With NEMT, you don’t need to wait for hours to go home!

  • You need wheelchair transportation services.

    Wheelchair transportation services allow you to run your errands easier, attend social gatherings safer, and attend any appointment faster. NEMT offers door-to-door or curb-to-curb services, making it easier for you or your loved ones who use a wheelchair. People who use wheelchairs need safe transportation options, too!

Are you looking for medical transportation in Worcester, Massachusetts? Bethel Medical Transportation is here for you. We accept requests for pick-up and drop-off at any time of the day or week. Do you need a ride to your appointment? Do you want to experience high-quality NEMT? Get in touch with us 48 hours before your desired pick-up time to book a trip!

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