Benefits of Medical and Non-medical Transportation


As adults enter their senior years, it becomes harder for them to get around using private and public transportation due to impaired hearing, poor eyesight, and other reasons. As such, many seniors spend too much time cooped up inside their homes.

At Bethel Medical Transportation, among the best in providing non-medical and medical transportation in Worcester, Massachusetts, we believe that old age shouldn’t keep you from getting out of the house and going where you want and need to go.

One of the main things stopping people from hiring NEMT in Massachusetts is the misconception that it is a waste of money. However, this is far from the case. Missed appointments due to lack of transportation can result in emergency room trips or hospitalizations. Long-term costs will be higher.

In addition to cost-savings, there are many other benefits to hiring high-quality NEMT rides for your senior loved one. Hiring suitable transportation will enable them to go out and meet with colleagues, family, and friends. It will allow them to socialize, reducing their chances of feeling lonely and depressed.

The best NEMT services can also attend to the individual needs of their clients. That includes having the right equipment and personnel available, as necessary.

Are you looking for a provider of wheelchair transportation services in Massachusetts that you can trust? We are always ready to serve. Call us today at 774-559-7177, so we can discuss your transportation needs.

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