Wheelchair Securements in Medical Transportation


When providing safe and reliable NEMT in Massachusetts for individuals who use wheelchairs, proper wheelchair securement is essential.

Wheelchair transportation services are responsible for ensuring that their vehicles are equipped with securement systems that meet industry standards and provide a safe and comfortable ride for passengers with mobility challenges.

The first step in implementing proper wheelchair securement is to identify the type of wheelchair being used.

There are several types of wheelchairs, including manual, power, and scooters, and each requires a different securement system.

Once the type of wheelchair is identified, you can choose the vehicle’s securement system accordingly. A high-quality NEMT will have a second-to-none securement system.

The securement system should have four components: a securement device, a wheelchair tie-down, a lap belt, and a shoulder belt. The securement device is the mechanism that attaches to the wheelchair and holds it in place, while the tie-downs secure the wheelchair to the vehicle. The lap belt and shoulder belt provide additional security for the passenger.

It’s important to note that experts should inspect the wheelchair securement system of any NEMT services regularly to ensure that it is functioning properly. This includes checking for wear and tear on the components and ensuring that the system is properly installed.

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